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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registering a Team

  • How do I register a team?

    Call us or SMS on 0425 125 440 to put in a team! You don't need to wait for the start of a season, as we accept new teams all year round. We can start putting your team into the schedule as soon as next week, so there's no excuse to put it off!

  • Can I join at any time?

    Yes absolutely - you can join at any time. We accept new teams all year round and can schedule you in as soon as next week, so there's no reason to wait! Contact us now to check availability.

  • I don't quite have enough players for a team, can you help?

    Yes! we can absolutely help. Let us know how many players you have and we can assist with finding you other team members. We  often have individuals looking for new teams, or existing players looking to join more than one team! On our website we also have a player register page, which lists players looking for teams:

    We also have a facebook page that has many players looking for teams.

  • What time will my games be played?

    This will depend upon the night. Generally as a rule of thumb Mondays and Wednesdays cycle through the various times slots each week. Tuesdays and Thursday teams tend to remain at fairly regular time slots. Friday nights have one one timeslot (6:15pm - 7pm) as we run our social "all you can eat" volleyball straight afterwards.

    Please check our fixtures page to see the timeslots and the times at which your team is playing.

  • We are not sure what league or day is best for us. Can you help?

    We have leagues to suit all skill levels including absolute beginners! - Please give us a call to discuss various options.

  • Can I play in more than one team on the same night?

    Yes you certainly can! However both teams need to be in different leagues. If you already play and are planning to join another team on the same night, make sure you let us know so that we can make sure your games are scheduled at different times.

  • What if I want to play in multiple teams in the same league?

    If you have no choice but to play in more than one team in the same league, then sometimes these teams may be scheduled on at the same time or they may be scheduled to play each other. In these instances you will be required to find a paying fill-in for that game.

    When it comes to finals, if both teams are required to play, you will need to choose one team to play in. The other team will be required to utilise a qualified paying fill-in player (Minimum 5 games) or the team will have to play their finals game with a lower number of people.

  • Do you have a juniors league?

    Unfortunately our juniors' season has finished for this year.

    To register your interest for the 2017 juniors' league, click here:

  • Team Cost

  • How much does it cost to play Indoor Beach Volleyball?

    This depends on the night. As a guide, cost ranges between $10 and $15 per player per game. 

  • Can I pay individually?

    Yes you can pay individually! However before a game token (your ticket to play) can be given out, we require full payment of the team. The umpire will not be able to start your game until you give them a token.

  • Can I pay in advance?

    Yes! You can totally pay in advance! - Our system allows you to pay up to 10 weeks in advance if you wish. Don't forget that someone from your team will still need to get a token from the counter each week, as these are not given out in advance. Payments in advance can be made for individual players only, or for entire teams.

  • I'm a volleyball addict but I also don't want to spend too much money! What are my options?

    We offer weekly memberships which allow you to play in a unlimited number of games per week at a heavily disocunted rate as well as other benefits! - Speak to us in person or via phone for more information!

  • What is a game token?

    Each time you play at CVIBV, you will need to collect a game token from the front counter. The token will usually be given to the last player who pays, and it is then your responsibility to give this to the umpire at the start of your game. Please make sure you have your token prior to the scheduled game time, as the umpire will not be able to start your game without it. Tokens cannot be given out before the day of your game, so even if you have paid in advance please make sure you come and collect it from the front counter.

  • Forfeiting

  • What is your forfeit policy?

    If you forfeit more than 72 hours prior to your scheduled game day & time. there will be NO cost to you and you will receive 3 win points and 2 bonus points

    If you forfeit by less than 72 hours and prior to 5pm the evening before your scheduled game day, there is no cost associated with the forfeit however no points are accrued either.

    If you forfeit after 5pm the day prior upto 3pm on the day of your scheduled game, there is a half team price forfeit fee.

    If you do not show up for your game, or forfeit after 3pm on the day of your game there is a full team price forfeit fee.

  • I have team members who cannot make it. Should I forfeit?

    Join our Facebook Fillin page and put a post there to see if you can find player(s) for your team. There are always heaps of people looking for fill-in teams to play on. 

    If you still cannot find players - please feel free to contact us if you think you may need to forfeit, we can sometimes assist with finding you players for your team. Even if only one of your players can make it, if you can find fill in players you will avoid a forfeit fee and still get points for your team.

  • How far in advance can I forfeit?

    You can forfeit up to 10 weeks in advance, so if you know you are going to be away for specific dates, please let us know in person or by phone/sms on 0425 125 440. Ideally, if you know you need to forfeit (e.g. you are all going on holiday) please let us know at least a week in advance, so that we can schedule accordingly.

  • Seasons

  • How long do your seasons go for?

    We have 2 seasons annually and they run for approximatly 25-27 weeks. We try to ensure finals for seasons do not clash with public or school holidays. It is common for new teams to join mid-season, but only teams that have qualified will play finals.

  • How do i know if players have qualified for finals?

    Players must have played at least five games total for the team in question in the current season in order to qualify for finals. If you are unsure about whether a player has played for your team for the minimum 5 weeks, please speak to us in person.

  • Points & Ladders

  • How are points awarded?

    Each time your team plays, you have the opportunity to earn points that will determine the team ladder for your league. These ladders are usually updated weekly, and points are allocated as follows:

    Game Points
    Set Win - 2 points
    Set Draw - 1 point
    Set Loss - 0 points
    Forfeit - 0 points

    Bonus Points
    1 point earned for every 10 scored in a single set

    Each game consists of three sets. Let's say the scores are as follows...

    Team A    Team B
      21    -      8
      9     -      13
      10    -     10

    In this example, Team A would score 2 game points for the first set, 0 for the second set and 1 for the last set. They would also receive 2 bonus points for the first set, and 1 for the last set. This would give them a total of 6 points. Team B would receive the same number of game points (one win, one loss, one draw) however they would only receive 2 bonus points, giving them a total of 5 points overall.

  • How often are ladders updated?

    We try to update and post the ladders on the dedicated leader board at the centre weekly. We hope to have the ladders available online in the near future - stay tuned!

  • Playing

  • Are the rules for indoor beach volleyball different from other types of volleyball?

    Yes and no. There are a lot of similarities between indoor beach volleyball rules, hardcourt volleyball rules, and outdoor beach volleyball rules. We use the same movements (digging, setting and hitting, or spiking) and players can only touch the ball a maximum of three times before it passes to the other side. The big difference between Indoor Beach Volleyball and other forms, is that we continue playing when the ball hits the rebound nets which often results in a faster, more exciting and sometimes, easier game.

    You can find the full set of rules for indoor beach volleyball here:

    If you are a new team starting at the centre and you haven't played before, we are always happy to walk through the rules with you, as well as some basic techniques! 

  • I don't know how to play - Is there any training or workshops I can attend?

    At the moment, we don't have any upcoming training or workshops planned. However, we are always happy to do basic skills and techniques training with new players and/or teams, just ask us! A great way to learn is to come along to our Friday night social volleyball. We will run through the basics with you, and put you in a team with more experienced players who will be happy to help you out.

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